4 Handy Online Services That'll Deliver Your Holiday Party in a Box

4 Handy Online Services That'll Deliver Your Holiday Party in a Box

Throwing a party can be as simple as opening a box. A handful of companies and designers, including Jung Lee, the owner of New York City event-production firm Fête, have developed pre-set and customizable packages of soirée essentials—think: décor, place settings, and even wine—to make hosting a breeze.

To take it one (easy) step further, Lee suggests adding little custom touches. “I would choose one color palette to supplement your décor—ideally metallic, like gold, silver, and anything shimmery or pearlescent to make everything pop. The more variation you have within the color palette, the better!”

Lee says, “Things to add in these colors are a tablecloth or thick paper and big balloons with wide ribbon. I like to add confetti inside the balloons to pop later as a fun surprise for my guests.” She also encourages hosts to “add lots of candles, holiday music, and tons of yummy holiday punch, which can be served in anything from glass pitchers to glass mixing bowls with a ladle. The more abundant, the more beautiful it will be.”

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Below, we’ve compiled a list of four holiday party-savers, so you can breathe easy this December.

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