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Go Inside Christina Applegate's Amazing New Kitchen

Go Inside Christina Applegate's <em>Amazing</em> New Kitchen
Courtesy Laurel & Wolf

A home flood ended up being a blessing in disguise for actress Christina Applegate

The Anchorman star loved almost everything about her abode—except the kitchen, which hadn’t been redone since the house was built in 1985. Applegate went so far as to deem it “the ugliest kitchen.” Despite the harsh description, an update seemed too huge of undertaking. And then Applegate’s floors were ruined after a flood, forcing her to rip up the flooring and finally confront that "god awful" kitchen.

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The mother of 4-year-old Sadie Grace teamed up with online interior design firm Laurel & Wolf to tackle the renovation, and we've got your look at the gorgeous results, plus a peek inside other areas of Applegate's home that also got a sprucing up. 

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