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Christy Turlington Burns Wants You to Buy This Coffee Table Book

Christy Turlington Burns Wants You to Buy This Coffee Table Book
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Earlier this month, Christy Turlington Burns and Patricia Lansing hosted a launch party for the new and absolutely stunning book The Finer Things: Timeless Furniture, Textiles, and Details ($39; amazon.com) by Christiane Lemieux, founder of the newly launched bespoke furniture company Cloth & Company. In it, Lemieux examines the foundation of design: quality.

Consulting with authorities on the subject, she presents readers with the basic elements of home décor and decoration—walls, floors, furniture, textiles, and accessories—and instructs them on how to identify quality of form and craftsmanship therein. “This book started out as design journey and ended up being a loose encyclopedia of the decorative arts with a deep dive into everything from walls to knowing how to appraise a collection,” says Lemieux, who spoke to so many experts in various fields that she couldn’t limit it to one topic. “I wanted to include it all,” she says.

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This resource is sure to impress those already well-versed in home interiors, but given its extensive scope, it will also prove invaluable to the uninitiated. With Lemieux’s guidance, anyone can learn how to recognize superior style and create space for it in his or her own home. But you don’t have to take our word for it. “The Finer Things is the perfect gift. It’s equal parts encyclopedia and design object. This book is a must for the coffee table of any design lover in your life,” says Turlington Burns.

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Scroll through to uncover seven style lessons we learned from Lemieux’s The Finer Things.

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