8 Chic Quilts to Cozy Up Under Until Winter Is Over

8 Chic Quilts to Cozy Up Under Until Winter Is Over

On cold and snowy winter days, there's nothing we want more than to jump back into bed, preferably under some super luxe, comfy blankets and quilts. And, while the word "quilt" can conjure traditional patchwork pieces sewn by your grandma Mildred, quilts these days are a bit different. They're bold, complex, and very trendy.

If you want proof, look no further than textile maven Rebecca Atwood, who just launched her own line of one-of-a-kind quilts made up of asymmetrical patches of vibrant, fun patterns in deep indigo, peach, and gold. She took inspiration from her quiltmaker mom, as well as trips to India. "I've always loved quilts and their sense of history," Atwood says.

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Check out one of our favorites in her new collection below, plus tons more stylish (and comfy) options. Stay warm, folks.

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