6 Air-Cleaning Plants to Purify Your Space

6 Air-Cleaning Plants to Purify Your Space
Sergey Tryapitsyn/Getty

When it comes to spending time indoors during the colder months, there's a fine line between cozy and stuffy. When your air isn't clean, you can feel it almost immediately. All the time we spend inside during the winter allows pollutants to accumulate and the side effects to rear their head in the form of headaches, dizziness, nausea, and other physical irritations like itchy eyes and noses.

But there's an effective—and attractive—solution in the form of air-purifying plants. A bunch of common house plants work to clean the air in small living spaces (and more plants just means more purification!). Here, we've rounded up a few pieces of greenery that work hard to clean your air and are even harder to kill.

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