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9 Beautiful Handmade Baby Mobiles From Etsy

9 Beautiful Handmade Baby Mobiles From Etsy

There are dozens of ways you can decorate a nursery, and as any room in the house, you can make it as eclectic or calm as you’d like. Fill it with every color of the rainbow, cover it with patterns galore, stick with a theme of puppies or sailboats, or, stick with a neutral, monochromatic palette to keep it as zen as possible. And while unlimited possibilities can seem like a good thing, sometimes it’s a little too overwhelming, especially when you have a hundred other things to think about with a baby on the way. So we decided to do the hard work for you, and combed through Etsy to find some of the cutest mobiles to consider hanging over your little one’s crib. Some are so nice in fact, we wouldn’t mind hanging it over our own beds. 

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