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12 Tiffany Blue Home Pieces to Add this Spring

12 Tiffany Blue Home Pieces to Add this Spring

Only good things can come of a turquoise box tied with a white ribbon. The signature blue gift-wrapping from celebrated luxury jeweler Tiffany & Co. has become synonymous with timeless elegance and sophistication. “Their branding is unequivocal. If you see that box under the Christmas tree, if you see that box on a birthday, you know you’re getting something really, really special,” Kate Reardon, the editor of Tatler Magazine, says in the new documentary Crazy About Tiffany’s (now available on DVD and streaming).

The film, directed by Matthew Miele, explores the history and characters behind the famous jewelry store, which has established itself as an institution in American culture since its opening in 1837. “The Tiffany blue is what you would call a robin’s egg blue. It’s a sophisticated color,” says Lisa Herbert, vice president of licensing at Pantone, the company responsible for developing Tiffany’s signature hue. Richard Moore, Tiffany’s vice president of creative and visual merchandising, adds, “People have a big affinity with that color [and] very positive associations with it.”

Looking for more ways to incorporate that gorgeous turquoise shade into your life? We have you covered—ring found in a Cracker Jack box not included. 

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