5 Under-$25 Wines to Serve with Thanksgiving Dinner

5 Under-$25 Wines to Serve with Thanksgiving Dinner
Maren Caruso

With a 20-pound turkey to prep (not to mention copious sides), it can be easy to overlook the booze selection for your imminent Thanksgiving feast. But, as any seasoned chef well knows, each dish boasts a unique flavor profile that's complemented—and wholly elevated—with wine. The challenge lies in choosing the best possible bottles. That's precisely why we turned to Charles Smith, Wine Enthusiast's newly-minted "Winemaker of the Year" and owner of Jet City winery in Seattle, for some suggestions. "Some people don't think that food and wine pairing is that important, but they couldn't be more wrong," he tells InStyle. "Just like when you find the perfect pair of jeans, there is no other pair that will do. It can be good, but when it's just right, you'll never settle for less." Below, his choice picks, along with the courses you should drink them with.

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