7 Simple Ways to Sound Like You Know Everything About Wine

7 Simple Ways to Sound Like You Know Everything About Wine
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The approaching holiday season means more entertaining than usual–which, for one thing, means more serving, bringing, or at least drinking wine! Keeping up with connoisseurs can be intimidating, but a few simple phrases and terms can up your wine IQ significantly. Whether you're bottle shopping to soiree schmoozing, these six key terms will make you sound like a total pro.

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To school us on wine lexicon, we went to Elizabeth Schneider, author of the forthcoming book and host of the podcast Wine for Normal People, and Laura Maniec, master sommelier and owner of Corkbuzz Wine Studios. They curate the wine selections for weeklytasting.com, a subscription-free wine delivery website that assembles four bottles of wine, tasting notes, and a video to provide expert—but not low-key—wine education. Users choose the boxes that most appeal to their taste for $69.99. So what do wine lovers really need to know to get through the holiday season in style? Below, Schneider and Maniec tell all. 

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