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Elevate Your Weeknight Takeout with 5 Great Wine Pairings

Elevate Your Weeknight Takeout with 5 Great Wine Pairings
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As badass busy women, the occasional takeout or delivery dinner is basically unavoidable. There’s no shame in a Wednesday night spread of paper cartons and twice-microwaved beef and broccoli! But there is a way to make it a little more glamorous. Below, we present to you the best wine and takeout pairings, courtesy of sommelier and established wine writer Jim Clarke.

“When paired with wine, the food is in effect elevated, and so we begin to think a bit more about the pleasures it offers; it may be 'only takeout,' but we pay more attention to its textures and flavors,” says Clarke. "These pairings also take away the formality that sometimes stiffens wine drinking—a reminder that fascinating and complex as it can be, wine is still just fermented grape juice." Check out the pairings, and links to Clarke’s preferred brands, below.

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