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You Can Now Buy a Bottle of Pinot Noir from Tituss Andromedon

You Can Now Buy a Bottle of Pinot Noir from Tituss Andromedon
Courtesy of Pinot by Tituss
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Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt fans, all of your drinking dreams have been realized. Tituss Burgess (the man behind the best character on Kimmy Shmidt, Tituss Andromedon) has launched his own brand of wine, the varietal of which is obviously Pinot Noir.

It is called “Pinot by Tituss,” and I will be ordering several bottles, because I love a good gimmick, and this is a very good gimmick.

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The wine retails for $24.99 and will begin shipping on March 14th. Order three bottles and get 10% off, order six and get 20%. Before you get too excited though, click here to see if it's shipping to your state. Sadly, Pinot by Tituss is not available in Mississippi, home state to Tituss Andromedon and myself. (To be fair, Mississippi has some weird alcohol laws — you can't even buy wine in the grocery store! — but it still sucks that this bottle of awesome is oh so close and yet so far for the people of the Magnolia State.)

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In terms of flavor, Titus himself describes the bottle thusly:

I'm a little shy at first... but I open up into an approachable, vibrant, sophisticated, lovable bottle of Pinot Noir.

The wine's Facebook page gives a more in-depth description:

Pinot by Tituss is a 2014 Santa Barbara County Pinot Noir. The juice is stainless steel fermented then barrel aged in 25% new French Oak for eight months. On the nose, aromas of dried fruits, slate, subtle rosemary, coriander and roses lead to flavors of plum and black cherry cola. Tones of toasted oak and leather delicately dance on the palate. The wine has great acidic balance, a medium body and is ready to drink now. It should drink well for the next two to three years. Pinot by Tituss is a wonderful pairing with pork, lamb, grilled meats, duck or pheasant.

Coriander, cherry cola, and slate? This wine has all things that are good! Seriously though, that sounds pretty tasty; I actually do appreciate the minerality that slate brings to the table, and I have been wondering what I should drink with all of this pheasant I have lying around.

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Besides grilled game birds, I bet this wine pairs real well with caviar (probably not though), smoking cigars (sure), and driving in a midsize car (don't do that). I'll tell you one thing it will go extremely well with, drinking in the bathtub while listening to Peeno Noir on repeat. Just in case you somehow managed to get that catchy tune out of your head, let's give it a listen.

Au revoir!

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