4 Non-Juice Cleanses That Won't Leave You Hangry

4 Non-Juice Cleanses That Won't Leave You Hangry

Every now and then, there are weeks that we call for delivery more than we call our friends and family. Life just happens like that sometimes. And, while that's totally fine and definitely delicious, too much takeout and a few too many cocktails can leave us feeling sluggish and puffy after awhile. So, we cleanse!

A good cleanse is an easy way to shed some salty food bloat, clear sugary mind fog, and reset after a few too many fries, but an unfortunate truth about a lot of detoxes is that they tend to leave us wanting more. As in more food! There's no denying the power of a juice cleanse, but without the right amount of macronutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats), we start feeling drained in next to no time. Plus, anyone else feel like digging into a mountain of food after a day of just liquids?

So, instead of fully forgoing food, we found four cleanses that offer all of the detox benefits we require now and then, but without removing any meals from our days (you still might have to abandon the sugar, though). Keep scrolling to find your next hangry-proof purification plan.

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