12 Artisanal Gifts Made in Brooklyn for the Foodie in Your Life

12 Artisanal Gifts Made in Brooklyn for the Foodie in Your Life
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Brooklyn has become a culinary powerhouse in the past decade. "Everyone you go, whether you're in Australia or England or Paris even, they're referencing Brooklyn in some way," chef Anthony Bourdain writes. "We're looking at the Brooklynization of the world at this point." If that means more handmade, created on-site, locally sourced, farm-to-table wonders in the world, consider us in.

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No one is prouder of Brooklyn's new crop of culinary superstars than Susanne König and Melissa Schreiber. The writing duo joined forces with photographer Heather Weston to capture this delicious moment in the food world with their new book Made in Brooklyn: An Essential Guide to the Borough's Artisanal Food & Drink Makers ($26, amazon.com). From Bay Ridge to Williamsburg, the book is a curated guide to where to go to get hand-dipped chocolates, bagels made with old-school techniques, organic caramels finished using antique machines, and the best cup of coffee you'll ever have (promise). König and Schreiber lovingly profile the people behind the delicacies and those creative geniuses repay the favor by pulling back the curtain to show off their craft.

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Made in Brooklyn is the next best thing to actually eating your way through the borough. Better yet, if you can't make it to the shops and bakeries in person, we selected 12 of the lovingly profiled artisans in the new book that you can support online. Read on and get ready to start your holiday shopping early this year—just make sure you get a little something extra for yourself.

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