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3 Easy Cocktail Recipes to Keep in Your Back Pocket This Summer

3 Easy Cocktail Recipes to Keep in Your Back Pocket This Summer
Courtesy of Drizly

A summer cocktail should be three things: bright, fruity, and refreshing. Below, we have three recipes that fit the bill, courtesy of Trisha Antonsen, the chief cocktail officer of alcohol delivery service Drizly. “For summer, look to fresh fruits and veggies, like strawberries, basil, and watermelon, instead of reaching for something from concentrate—it can make all the difference,” says Antonsen. “If for some reason I don't have a fresh fruit on hand, I love to experiment with liqueurs to impart flavor. For example, a dash of Chambord will add a yummy raspberry kick to a drink.” 

Another secret for the perfect summer cocktail? Fresh ice. “Do yourself a favor—don't use your freezer burned ice cubes after you've spent all that time tracking down the ingredients for a new, cool drink,” advises Antonsen. “Order a fresh bag to have on hand when you're entertaining. I love cocktails with crushed ice in the summertime. If you don't have an ice crusher (not many people do), pop some ice cubes in a Ziplock bag and break them up using a meat mallet or even a can from the pantry. Voila.” Read on for three of Antonsen’s favorite warm-weather drinks. 

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