The Vegan Foods That Satisfied Our Cheese and Ice Cream Cravings

The Vegan Foods That Satisfied Our Cheese and Ice Cream Cravings

Here's how I know I am certifiably insane. Despite being in a near constant state of craving mac 'n' cheese and turning to well-curated cheese plates as a legitimate form of therapy, I have chosen to go vegan for 40 days (and 40 nights). Wipe that better-you-than-me look off your face and allow me to explain. It's Lent, otherwise known as the pre-Easter season of sacrifice in the Roman Catholic faith and, as someone with a particularly difficult digestive system, I thought what better way to wave a white flag at my increasingly irritated intestines (lactose is both my enemy and savior) than to give them a freaking break. Call it a conniption, but here I am.

Veganism, itself, isn't so challenging. There are actually legions of brands and restaurants churning out food products suitable for the entirely plant-based population. And, it turns out, a lot of them have the same cravings as me because there exists an entire world of vegan foods aimed directly at people who need to ingest the flavor of dairy (at the absolutely least) every single day. It's just a matter of finding which ones taste more like cheese and less like cheeze ... if you know what I mean.

In the spirit of insanity, I've done the taste-testing for you and gone ahead and rounded up the best vegan products that will have you saying more cheeze pleaze.

Note: I'm also gluten-free normally (I know, I know) so all of the products below are wheat-free, as well!

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