7 of Manhattan’s Most Authentic Dive Bars

7 of Manhattan’s Most Authentic Dive Bars
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Franny and Albert

It’s a debate that dates back generations: Which is the best hole-in-the-wall in the city to drown your misery, celebrate a new engagement, or just catch up with friends? To be fair, the list is endless, ever-changing, and totally personal—whether you like kitsch, are in need of a jukebox, or you prefer to cozy up with the bartender who awaits with a refill.

Here, InStyle presents you with a completely subjective, totally judgmental, highly polarizing list of our favorite dive bars on the Isle of Manhattan. Culled from experience and many, many late nights, these 10 bars capture exactly the Beat Poets were looking for on their legendary nights on the town in the 1950s, and what night owls today seek during evenings of debauchery that drag out until dawn.

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If you like $20 cocktails handcrafted by men with porkpie hats and groomed mustaches, these are not for you. Got 10 bucks, a yen for adventure, and many hours to kill? Be prepared to have fantastic stories to tell in the morning. Take a look at the most authentic dive bars left in Manhattan here.

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