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This Ginger Cocktail Is the Perfect Warm Weather Refreshment

This Ginger Cocktail Is the Perfect Warm Weather Refreshment
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Fresh pressed ginger juice is the star in many a morning smoothie, but it’s also excellent in a refreshing, summer cocktail. Besides having a number of health benefits, like anti-inflammatory effects and immune-boosting properties, ginger’s sweet and spicy flavor profile is the perfect addition to a tequila-based tipple, like the Arrandas Highball. “Highballs can be great low-alcohol, session-able cocktails,” says the drink's creator Kevin Denton, who has tended bar at a handful of renowned restaurants like Danny Meyer’s Tabla (now closed) and Michelin-starred wd-50, and is now the Corporate Mixologist for Pernod Ricard U.S.A. “Because we’re using less than a full pour of tequila, the Suze [a bittersweet liqueur] acts as a vehicle for flavor. The aromatic and bitter components provide a bracing counterpoint to the roast-y agave notes.” Try the recipe below.

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Arrandas Highball


1 part Lillet Blanc ($18;
1 part Altos Blanco ($26;
1/2 part Suze Aperitif ($28;
1/4 part fresh pressed ginger juice
(If you don’t have access to a juicer, you can purchase a pre-made version online, $4;
Club soda
Kosher salt
Fresh ginger slice
Lime wheel

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Rim a tall highball or Collins glass with kosher salt. Build all ingredients in the glass with ice and top with club soda. Garnish with a long thin slice of fresh ginger and lime wheel.

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