9 Simple Breakfasts That Won't Give You a Sugar Rush

9 Simple Breakfasts That Won't Give You a Sugar Rush
Bobby Lin
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Everyone can fall into a breakfast rut. Food52 partnered with siggi's to give your breakfasts a boost while keeping things simple. Find the original post here

My own breakfast go-to? It jumps back and forth: green smoothies when I feel like it’s been awhile since green-anything made an appearance on my plate, a bowl of yogurt buried beneath a heap of fruit or compote, a pain au chocolat from my neighborhood bakery when I need a pain au chocolat. I wouldn’t enjoy any one without the others (I’m not the sort of person who can eat the same thing for breakfast every day), but admittedly the pain au chocolat is the one that makes my heart leap up—from joy, yes, but also because my bakery of choice is extremely generous with the chocolate, which makes me sugar-wiggle all morning long.

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Here are a few breakfast ideas to add to your regular rotation that won’t give you the jitters. Most are quick or make-ahead, all have little to no added sugar, and all are thoroughly recommended:

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