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5 Healthy Granolas That We're Totally Addicted To

5 Healthy Granolas That We're Totally Addicted To
Purely Elizabeth

Sweet, savory, crunchy or soft—granola is one of those snacks that's versatile enough to satisfy everyone's taste buds. It's long been touted as a nutritious nosh, and the word has even morphed into a sort of colloquialism for hippie-dippie health food, but there's a reason it's been a go-to snack for so long.

But why sacrifice taste when looking for healthy things to eat? We say, get you a snack that can do both! Here, we've rounded up five varieties that are not only delicious, but pack a nutritional punch, to boot. 

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Keep scrolling for our favorite brands that pack the most nutrition and flavor and get ready to drizzle it on everything from yogurt to ice cream. 

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