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5 Kids Chairs With Big Style

5 Kids Chairs With Big Style

We’re constantly amazed at how incredibly awesome and fashion-forward kid’s furnishings have gotten. I mean just look at Oh Joy’s furniture line or Reign Disick’s room. Designers are taking on kids décor with the same modern and colorful ideas that they would have, in the past, only applied to adult furniture. And to be honest, there are some amazing finds from Land of Nod, Target, Pottery Barn Kids and more that we wouldn’t mind having in our own homes (preferable in an adult size).

We rounded up some of our favorite (read: actually stylish) kids chairs so that next time you decide to redecorate a kids room, play room, or just want to be the best aunt ever, you’ll know exactly what to pick. And the timing couldn't be better because back to school is just around the corner, and you're probably trying to make those kids' homework and crafts area look as enticing as possible.

Take a seat!

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