12 Desk Knickknacks That Won’t Annoy Your Boss

12 Desk Knickknacks That Won’t Annoy Your Boss

Your desk is practically your second home (a home that pays you). So why not make it cozy and fun?

The way your workspace is decorated can reveal a lot about your personality. Whether you have family photos or little knickknacks from a vacation on display, there’s plenty to decode based on trinkets you choose. Just remember to keep it semi-toned down, so your co-workers don’t get a headache every time they glance over. My desk, for instance, has a bit of everything, including a repurposed Diptyque candle jar that's now housing my succulents and a framed calligraphy print that reads “Woof,” which perfectly captures my sarcastic and sassy humor (and is on par with my overarching design aesthetic, which is v. important, amirite?)

VIDEO: How to Chic Up Your Desk Like a French Boss Lady


If you’re in need of a desk-lift yourself, here are 12 non-offensive items that are worth adding to your cube, stat.

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