See How Everyone From Debra Messing to a New Yorker Cartoonist Are Honoring National Handwriting Day

See How Everyone From Debra Messing to a <em>New Yorker</em> Cartoonist Are Honoring National Handwriting Day
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Friends, it’s time to temporarily retire your keyboards and dust off your pen collections. Jan. 23 marks National Handwriting Day, an annual celebration of the power and magic of the written word. The occasion, which was launched in 2013 by the notebook company Moleskine, coincides with the birthday of John Hancock, owner of the most famous signature in history (on the Declaration of Independence, in case you've blocked fifth-grade history from your memory).

To honor the day, celebrities like Bruce Willis and Debra Messing will be tweeting out handwritten notes (and illustrations, in some cases) to their followers. “I strongly believe that paper and pen are not at all destined to disappear, but rather to transform and develop," says Maria Sebregondi, co-founder of Moleskine. “The advanced technologies of today can embrace the cognitive and emotional power of the analog world, taking it to a new level." 

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Share your own John Hancock on Twitter by using the hashtags #handwritingday and #moleskine, and keep scrolling to see how the others are participating.

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