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Over-the-Top Art or Chandelier? You Decide

Over-the-Top Art or Chandelier? You Decide
Courtesy Andrea Martiradonna
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What has 700 topaz stones, thousands of crystal beads, and lights up brilliantly? One of the spectacular chandeliers Baccarat debuted at the recent Salone Del Mobile, as part of its opulent "Lumieres Out of the Box" collection. The piece we just described (below) is the Lustre Blue Topaz chandelier, a collaboration between Baccarat and blue topaz producer Maison Ostro, but each of the light fixtures shown at the Milan fair are works of art in their own right, and they're part of a trend of colossal, room-defining lighting. (None of the chandeliers are available to purchase yet, so for now, these pieces are just for gawking.)

Courtesy Andrea Martiradonna

For Baccarat's show stopping take on the movement, it teamed up with artists including Arik Levy, who designed the sculptural bottle for "A Scent," the Issey Miyake perfume; Marcel Wanders, who The New York Times dubbed "the Lady Gaga of design;" and Hans Van Bentem, a lighting designer who counts Madonna as a customer.

Courtesy Andrea Martiradonna

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Each artist created daring fixtures that don't look like your typical flush-mount. Levy constructed stunning layered fixtures made of up tiny glass tiles called "Tuile de Cristal," that can be arranged in infinite ways. His gleaming, customizable pieces now come in colors and metallics to create original crystal arrangements in warmer tones. Wanders created the "Le Roi Soliel" sun-inspired pendants, which are a rounded adaptation of Baccarat's famous Zenith Chandelier. Instead of having delicate arms extend from the center, this piece has curved, distorted branches that bend upward to create a glistening sphere. Wanders also produced the "New Antique Table, which has a rechargeable LED lit crystal base covered in a marble top. Van Bentem constructed a crystal-coated replica of the Medicis XXL Vase originally produced by Baccarat in 1905, which at over eight feet tall, is a statue of light.

Courtesy Andrea Martiradonna

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There are tons of dramatic, unconventional ways to light up a room, and Baccarat's original take on the chandelier has given us some serious statement-piece inspiration (and lighting envy).

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