10 New Year's Resolutions InStyle Editors Are Planning to Actually Keep

10 New Year's Resolutions <em>InStyle</em> Editors Are Planning to Actually Keep
Illustration by Ingrid Frahm

It's that time of the year. The gym memberships are signed, the junk food is thrown away, and a chorus of "new year, new me" rings out across the nation. It's great to create goals and resolutions, but how many times have you vowed to make a major change only to feel disappointed a week later when something prevents you from keeping that goal?

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Things come up. An unexpected bad day leads to a slice of pizza. A blizzard threatens your daily workout. Sometimes when you put too much pressure on a major life change or resolution, it can backfire in a big way. At InStyle, we are all for making major changes, but sometimes it's the gradual ones that make the biggest impact. Instead of vowing to "never eat out," we are going to try to cook a new meal each week. Avoid promising an hour of yoga every day, and instead start with just five minutes of meditation.

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Here, InStyle staffers share with you the resolutions that they are actually planning on keeping in 2017. To making it count!

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