Rate Base: 1,700,000*
Standard rates for all colorations

Full Page$180,500
CV2 (a) $229,300
CV3 $207,600
CV4 $252,700
1/3 Page Vertical $86,500
1/2 Page Square $117,400
2/3 Page Vertical $145,200
Supplied BRC (b) $144,400
We Print BRC (b) $180,500
Supplied Scent Strip (c) $234,650

(a) Cover 2 advertiser must run on page 1. Please add the cost of page 1.
(b) BRC must run with support page. Please add the cost of the support page.
(c) Add applicable postal premium.

Copy Splits
$2,000 for the first split and $1,100 for each additional split. All charges are non-commissionable. Due to the consolidation of newsstand wholesalers, there is a 10% margin of error in the delivery of split-run copies to newsstands. Consequently, InStyle cannot guarantee the delivery of split-run copies to all desired newsstands.

Insert Cards and Non Run-of-Book Inserts
A 10% margin must be allowed in the circulation and distribution of insert cards and non run-of-book inserts. Rates, specifications and availability on request.

Cover Gatefold
$37,900 non-commissionable production premium.

Non-Standard Colors
All run-of-book ads that use non-convertible PMS or five (5) colors will incur a $2,500 non-commissionable production premium per page. If PMS metallic or Day Glo inks are used, a $3,600 non-commissionable production charge will be incurred per page.

*Ratebase and Rates do not apply to InStyle Special Issues, InStyle Beauty and InStyle Hair.

Circulation includes the print and digital editions of the Magazine. Qualified full-run advertisements will run in both editions. See MAGAZINE ADVERTISING TERMS AND CONDITIONS for additional information including opt-out and upgrade options.

For more information, please contact your InStyle Sales Representative