17 Insanely Chic Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding

17 Insanely Chic Dresses to Wear to a Winter Wedding
Levent Kulu

Weddings are hard enough to dress for as it is, but factor in wind chill, the chance of every kind of precipitation, and freezing temps, and the challenge can seem nearly impossible. Unlike other seasons, in which you can have your pick of any special occasion dress (as long as it's appropriate, of course), winter requires outfits with a little more thought. 

For one, length is important—go long with sweeping floor-length designs. Unless paired with tights, the mere thought of knee-length designs can send shivers to the most warm-blooded of us. The same goes for sleeves—skip strapless silhouettes and cover up. If that's too much coverage for you, look for lace and sheer sleeves that reveal glimpses of skin without actual exposure. 

Next, take fabrics into consideration. A breezy chiffon creation won't provide a shred of insulation. Gravitate toward rich fabrics, like velvet and jacquard, for a super luxe effect. And, finally, skip over unseasonably pretty pastels and deepen your color palette to include jewel tones, like ruby, sapphire, and emerald.

We did all the work for you and rounded up 17 of the best dresses to wear to your next winter wedding. Cold weather, be damned!

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