How to Wear the Pieces You Forgot You Had in Your Closet

How to Wear the Pieces You Forgot You Had in Your Closet

In the depths of every closet lurks a slew of fashion forgottens that haven't seen the light of day since...well, forever. They range anywhere from decades-old, out-of-fashion styles to pieces that evoke tinges of embarrassment or regret, yet for whatever reason you've held onto them. You know what we're talking about—it's that scandalous bustier you thought you'd wear again after Halloween (I'm guilty of this one, unfortunately) or that short bodycon dress from your clubbing days. 

And since we're all well aware of how cyclical fashion can be—what's old is new, and so on—we surveyed the InStyle staff and came up with six of these "outdated" items and then armed ourselves with the mission to make them wearable again. From tie-dye tees to Jnco jeans (remember those?!), here's how to wear them for holiday soirees, casual hang-outs, or weekend errands, ahead.

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