12 Tools You Need for a Fully-Stocked Holiday Bar

12 Tools You Need for a Fully-Stocked Holiday Bar

It’s nearly December, which means we’re moving full speed ahead into holiday party season. For those of you hosting, we recognize and share your PPP (Pre-Party Panic). There’s nothing that dulls our tinsel quite like having to make three emergency runs to the liquor store minutes before the soirée even starts. To avoid the situation, we reached out to JB Bernstein, Beverage Manager of award-winning Philadelphia-based American restaurant Vernick Food & Drink, which is famous for its indulgent, gourmet toast appetizers and cocktails (natch), for ways to battle the stress that often comes with entertaining. His advice? A fully stocked bar that will last you through winter. “Making drinks properly is becoming more and more popular, and it's crucial to have the appropriate tools,” says Bernstein. Scroll through for his must-have products (and some awesome hostess gift ideas!).

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