Why Orgeat Syrup May Be the One Ingredient Missing from Your Cocktail Bar

Why Orgeat Syrup May Be the One Ingredient Missing from Your Cocktail Bar
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The everywoman’s home bar is typically stocked with vodka, tequila, wine, a nice set of glasses and tumblers, and maybe a bottle of bitters. But orgeat syrup? Probably not. The syrup is made with almonds, sugar, and rose water or orange flower water, and lends itself to a nutty flavor and aroma. Zane Harris, the beverage manager at Asia de Cuba, the popular Asian-Latin fusion restaurant with outposts in N.Y.C., London, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai, uses orgeat in his cocktail, “The Lady of the Dynasty.” Harris says, “The inspiration behind this cocktail was to create a well-balanced, modern take on the lychee martini. The nuttiness really compliments the lychee while still remaining sweet and refreshing.” Add orgeat syrup to your bar in preparation for this season’s holiday parties, and try out the recipe below.

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Lady of the Dynasty

1 oz vodka
3/4 oz dry vermouth
1/2 oz orgeat syrup ($13;
1/2 oz Giffard Lychee Liqueur ($25;
3/4 oz lemon juice
3 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters ($14;

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Shake and strain all ingredients into a coup glass. Add the three dashes of Peychaud bitters on the top.

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