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How to Make a Stunning Winter Wreath in 6 Easy Steps

How to Make a Stunning Winter Wreath in 6 Easy Steps
Farmgirl Flowers

Contrary to popular belief, holiday wreaths don’t all have to be made of pine, holly, poinsettias, and red velvet bows—just ask Christina Stembel, founder of San Francisco-based company Farmgirl Flowers. Stembel’s creations shatter every traditional, more expected holiday stereotype—eucalyptus, baby’s breath, and grapevine are among favorite elements to use in a garland. All of Farmgirl Flowers’ arrangements are made with 100-percent American-grown plants, following a movement Stembel has created called “Field to Vase,” which encourages people to use what’s in season, instead of having to import out-of-season buds from other countries and increasing plant waste.

Follow her tutorial below for making a gorgeous, non-denominational wreath using winter’s most beautiful blossoms (we all have springtime favorites, but according to a poll conducted by Stembel, 86% of people cared more about a beautiful bouquet than a specific type of flower). Or if you’re in a pinch, Stembel’s arrangements can be ordered online and shipped internationally.

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