This Is How You Color-Correct for Different Skin Tones

This Is How You Color-Correct for Different Skin Tones
Joseph Molines

Color-correcting any hyperpigmentation in your skin can be some pretty tricky territory. While the now-viral beauty hack of using red to hide your undereye circles may work wonders on those with deeper complexions, those with skin on the fair end of the spectrum will just end up looking like they lost a fight with a too-bold blush. Alternately, the pastel green and purple shades that hide discoloration in light skin won't fare as well for darker tones. Just like your own skin is different from your best friend's, the steps you take to hide a sun spot, or a super-red pimple should be tailored to fit your needs. That's why we put together a guide on how to color-correct for dark, medium, and light complexions. Scroll down to get all the info now, and here's to a good skin day from here on out.

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