How to Wear Glitter Makeup Like An Adult 

How to Wear Glitter Makeup Like An Adult 
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Back in middle school glitter was the most-used product in our Caboodles. Whether it was hair mascara, lip gloss, or eyeshadow, nothing was too glitzy or shiny. Once we graduated, so did our glitter makeup looks, but our love of the sparkly stuff has endured the years. Although we’ve been tempted to add simmer back to our makeup routines before, the recent launch of Pat McGrath’s popular glitter lip kit and high-shine eyes on the runways like Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2016 show, make a serious case that there’s no better time than now to rock glitter makeup again. The key to wearing sparkly makeup as an adult without looking like you’re trying to relive your teenage days: It’s all about moderation. Here, we rounded up some easy ways on how to add glitter into your makeup routine.

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