How to Wear a Tracksuit Like an "It" Girl

How to Wear a Tracksuit Like an "It" Girl, Getty Images

In the early 2000s, wearing a tracksuit in public was considered a major fashion do—I mean, hello, Juicy Couture. But as quick as their ascent, so was their fall—until now. Blame the on-going athlesiure trend, but tracksuits are officially back. Though this time around, skip the velour and opt for takes on the original Adidas style that's favored by style icons of yore, like Run-D.M.C, and of today, Rihanna and Gigi Hadid.

Go for a dressed-up approach by tossing the jacket and wearing the track pants with a belly-baring crop top and simple strappy stilettos, or make like Hadid and mix your motifs by mismatching sporty separates. The key to wearing the comfy set today is elevating it, so that it doesn’t look you're about to head for the gym. Ahead, five foolproof ways to integrate the tracksuit into your off-duty uniform.

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