How to Wear Shorts in the Winter (Without Looking Crazy)

How to Wear Shorts in the Winter (Without Looking Crazy)
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Wearing shorts in the winter may seem like a big no-no, but it is possible to pull off the piece during chilly temps without looking, well, crazy. When made with the right fabric (think: tweed, leather, or wool) and styled appropriately, shorts are an unexpected and fashion-forward option for your winter wardrobe. Shorts also provide a great option to break up the monotony of your cold temp uniformyou know, instead of alternating between pants, pants, and pants everyday. But how do you wear shorts while keeping warm?

The obvious answer: throw on a pair of black opaque tights. But if you want to go beyond basic,  there are a few other ways to accessorize. For starters, wear your shorts with an over-the-knee boot. Ahead, we show you 6 stylish ways to wear shorts in the winter.

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