How to Wear Green Like a Celebrity for St. Patrick's Day

How to Wear Green Like a Celebrity for St. Patrick's Day
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We're all for enthusiastic levels of holiday-themed dressing, but unless you're planning on calling in sick tomorrow on St. Patrick's Day, we're betting that a top-to-toe shamrock-green outfit probably won't sit well with your office dress code. There's a time and a place, right? But that's not to say you have to eliminate the shade from your look completely.

We turned to the stars to learn how to pull off green without looking as though you raided the St. Paddy's Day section at the costume store. Integrate the hue through prints, like Lupita Nyong'o in her Gucci separates (pictured, left), or turn to an unexpected shade, like olive, for an offbeat approach. And when the day is over, shed your workwear and turn on the glam with a party-ready ensemble, but make sure to downplay distracting extras. A shining example? Diane Kruger in her sequined green Sally LaPointe number (right).  

From green coats to accessories, we compiled seven celebrity-inspired style lessons on how to wear green in the chicest way possible.

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