11 Celebrity Looks That Make Us Want a Camel Coat—Stat

11 Celebrity Looks That Make Us Want a Camel Coat—Stat
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Chances are, you probably own a black coat, and you're probably sick of said black coat. And if you aren't, well, we are, which is why we're warming up to a richer shade—camel—to take our winter outerwear to the next level. Evidently, celebrities are doing the same. These days, it seems like all our favorite stars are upping their street-style game with a camel coat. And it's easy to see why—the caramel hue is intrinsically elegant, conveying sophistication that black just doesn't impart quite as easily. It's also a shade that commands attention without being too in-your-face, unlike, say, canary yellow or fire engine-red. Finally, it's completely wearable, since it does fall in the neutral family.

Don't believe us? Keep reading to see how everyone from Gigi Hadid to Chrissy Teigen is pulling off the camel coat. The biggest takeaway here is: Camel is the new black.

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