How to Wear a Beanie Like a Celebrity

How to Wear a Beanie Like a Celebrity
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Winter hats aren’t just about staying warm—they can also make a super-stylish fashion statement. Beanies specifically have become the accessory du jour for A-listers to provide that nonchalant finishing touch to an ensemble, whether it’s winter or spring.

Wear them casually, à la Rihanna and Cara Delevingne, with other cool-girl accouterments like Timberlands and leather moto jackets, or dress them up like Gwen Stefani—expect a punk edge, naturally. The key here is to not treat your beanie as an add-on (even if you are just wearing one outdoors), but, rather, as a building block of your outfit. In fact, you can practically piece together your entire look around a simple beanie. Here, we break down how to wear it like a celebrity—and don’t worry, this kind of hat head is oh so chic.

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