11 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Style a Choker

11 Celebrity-Approved Ways to Style a Choker
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In the span of one year, necklaces have swung from extra-long pendants to the opposite end of the length spectrum: chokers encircled tightly around the neck. Is this the natural next step to follow the skinny scarf trend? Or has this been the influence of Kim Kardashian? Either way, the choker has seen a spike in fame among the It-girl squad as part of their enviably chic street-style outfits or, in a couple of instances, red carpet ensembles. Kendall Jenner, for one, has become something of a connoisseur of chokers, sporting every iteration out there with any given look, from a satin black ribbon styled with a shaggy fur coat and tee to a super-skinny chain with sporty separates.

It's easy to see the choker's appeal: it's a cool-girl nod to '90s grunge, it doesn't interfere with your outfit, it complements everything, it acts like a built-in scarf (for the wider ones, at least), and, the best part, it's easy to DIY (an InStyle editor bought a spool of ribbon from Amazon.com and has worn her black velvet choker every day since). To learn how to style a choker, we compiled an A-list roundup of stars who act as shining examples of choker-wearing greatness, below.

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