How to Stop Distressed Jeans from Ripping More

How to Stop Distressed Jeans from Ripping More
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Fact: Distressed denim one-ups regular jeans in the nonchalantly cool department. You know what we're talking about. There's something so unmistakably tough about ripped holes and roughed-up patches—even if they are manufactured. Still, destroyed jeans can instantly ground a too-delicate top or give a plain white tee a cavalier 'tude. The only problem? When the holes widen with every wear (or any time you accidentally step through them when you slip on a pair). The good thing, though, is there's a quick and easy solution.

Because ripped holes run horizontally side to side, the goal is to stabilize the hole by strengthening the ends.

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You'll need:
Denim iron-on patches (Singer, $4;
A hair-straightening flat iron or a regular iron

Step 1: Flip your jeans inside out.

Step 2: Cut your denim iron-on patches into rectangular strips (cut them at least one-inch across and the length of the ripped hole you're reinforcing).

Step 3: Place the iron-on patch vertically, next to the left and right side of the hole.

Step 4: Affix the patches by applying heat with either a regular iron or a flat iron (for an easier and more convenient handle).

Step 5: Flip them back out and you're done! Your destroyed denim, reinforced.

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