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9 Must-Have Pieces to Weather the Transitional Spring Temperatures

9 Must-Have Pieces to Weather the Transitional Spring Temperatures
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Not to get political or anything about global warming, but I was just sitting outside on my deck in New Jersey in March wearing a T-shirt, shorts, a hat, and sunscreen. It’s a gorgeous day, and I was thrilled to listen to the birds and smell the grass and just be in the moment. Still, there could be a rogue snowstorm, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, but seasonality in dressing seems to becoming less of an issue, day by day.

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The new way to dress is to understand how to layer or mix fabrics of different weights and textures. Now you can wear a flowy floral skirt with a chunky cashmere cardigan or a leather jacket and tights in the winter. You can also wear boots in the spring with a lightweight loose dress. It doesn’t matter…

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Obviously, you want to be comfortable, temperature-wise. But this is great news! You no longer need to switch over your entire closet on a seasonal basis. Today, I moved a few furry items and thick tweeds to the back of my closet, but I kept some sequined pieces and dark prints that, at one point, I might have moved too.

More bang for your buck, as they say—you can wear most of your favorite items year-round, day or night, for work or weekend! Here’s for breaking down barriers!

Ahead, a few things to buy now and wear all year.

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