How to Dress Like a New Yorker

How to Dress Like a New Yorker
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When it comes to New York, everyone has their own idea of what the city and its people are actually like. After watching shows like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, there are pretty grand ideas about what is considered a N.Y.C. experience. When it comes to New York fashion, for example, you may be thinking blacks, creams, and whites are the common denominator. We’re not saying this is 100 percent false, but there’s no denying that New York women do love color.

Between the artistic types in Brooklyn and the East Village, there’s a pretty high chance you’ll see someone walking down the street in a bright print or neon color. And though uptown, Chelsea, and Soho women do dress very differently, the one thing they all have in common is a unique sense of style. So, even if you don’t live in the Big Apple, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like a New York City girl. Below are five ways to dress like a true New Yorker.

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