How to Distress Your Jeans at Home

How to Distress Your Jeans at Home
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As much as we love new purchases, it's our worn-in, broken-in pieces that hold a soft spot in our hearts wardrobes. And you know they're really good when they can almost double as sleepwear: beloved tees as PJ shirts, distressed denim as plushy sweats. Ok, distressed denim maybe not so much. But we stand by them for molding to our bodies over time, for giving any outfit a nonchalant downtown-cool attitude, and for their hard-earned tears and roughed-up patches that occur with every wear.

Think of ripped holes and shredded seams as battle scars of a pair well worn—the more the better, really. And what's even better than that? When they're unique to you. If patience isn't your thing, nor is the idea of mass-manufactured, machine-made holes, we put together an easy step-by-step guide on how to distress your jeans at home. Scroll through and follow along for destroyed denim custom to you.

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