How to Turn Your Jeans Into the Perfect Pair of Denim Shorts

How to Turn Your Jeans Into the Perfect Pair of Denim Shorts
Sarah Balch

As much as we love denim cut-offs—aka the quintessential summer staple—they're not without their own set of problems. In fact, shopping for them is almost as difficult as looking for that elusive pair of perfect jeans. Some aren't high waisted enough; others are too low. And why is it that nearly every pair of cut-offs we've come across are cut obscenely short? We've found that it's much easier to take matters into your own hands, because, tbh, summer is too short to waste it on a lost cause.

DIYing your dream pair of cut-offs starts with jeans that not only you can bear to part with, but ones with a waistline you like. Perhaps it's a pair with a silhouette you never truly, madly, deeply loved (which is a shame—​as the great Marie Kondo would say, everything you should own should spark joy), or maybe you always secretly felt that the pair had a better chance at fulfilling its denim destiny as shorts. Whatever the case, once you've found these jeans that you can chop, scroll through for an easy four-step guide on how to turn them into shorts. 

VIDEO: How to Cut Jeans Into Shorts


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