Your Definitive Guide to Fading Acne Scars

Your Definitive Guide to Fading Acne Scars

As if getting a breakout isn't annoying enough, that lingering mark it leaves behind long after it subsides always proves to be even more obnoxious. "Acne scars are a two-part issue—color and texture," says Lisa Goodman, PA, of Los Angeles' Goodskin clinic. "The reason there are so many options for acne scar correction treatments are because thre are different types of acne scars, and relative strengths and weaknesses to all modalities to correct and improve them." Though the dark spots left behind eventually do fade on their own, we know all too well the struggle of having to conceal them for what seems like weeks on end, leaving us to seek out alternatives to help speed up the process.

Dermabrasion continues to be one popular method in Goodman's offices for scar revision, and although it's an older method, it's classic for a reason. "As opposed to microdermabrasion, dermabrasion uses a rotating diamond-tipped wheel to remove the epidermis layer of the dermis," she explains. "There is far less chance of losing pigmentation to your skin over other alternatives, and a much smaller window of redness. I incorporate it regularly for acne scarring and scar revision." A newer treatment Goodman practices is that of the CO2 laser, which uses carbon dioxide in conjunction with a laser to vaporize away the layers of skin, though keep in mind that you'll have slightly longer downtime with this treatment than dermabrasion.

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If indented scars are your issue, seek out treatments and products to help restimulate collagen production. Lasers or LED facials that use blue and red lights would be your best bet. "It's not immediate and you have to seek continuous treatment to achieve your desired result, but it's one of my favorite methods for effecting skin," Goodman explains. "When you try and spot treat an acne scar, the skin is already a different texture from the rest, so sometimes, you need to consider treating the skin as a whole so you can get your complexion to its optimum equilibrium for continuity purposes." The treatments will kick-start your collagen production, and over time, those annoying marks will start to fill in and blend with the rest of your skin.

In addition to the recommended in-office treatments, Goodman outlined a few of her favorite at-home remedies below. Keep scrolling to shop each one, and to find out more about the products!

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