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18 Chic Skull-Themed Home Items for a Haunted Halloween

18 Chic Skull-Themed Home Items for a Haunted Halloween
Sarah Balch

Skulls may be a standard for Halloween decoration but this year they're officially trending. In a craze that has become increasingly mainstream, many of this season’s skulls have taken their inspiration from Day of the Dead, a Mexican holiday dedicated to honoring those who have passed. In this three-day celebration, skulls are featured prominently; observers paint them onto faces and place small, brightly decorated skulls made out of sugar on the altars of loved ones. Even the upcoming animated film Book of Life, for which Zoe Saldana and Channing Tatum lend their voices, pays homage to the holiday throughout its world.

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From the cute to the downright spooky, we’ve compiled some of our favorite skull-themed items to incorporate throughout the house this Halloween. Despite its macabre, skulls like Ankasa's lace pillow, D.L & Co.'s cheery stationery, or an autumnal tabletop interspersed with metallic skull candles add just the right bit of edge.

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