Inside the F. Scott Fitzgerald Suite at The Plaza in New York City

Inside the F. Scott Fitzgerald Suite at The Plaza in New York City
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Dario Calmes for the Plaza

Today, Zelda Fitzgerald would have been 114. The beguiling Jazz Age beauty was the muse for some of her husband F. Scott Fitzgerald's greatest works.

In honor of the swell sweetie's birthday, we took a trip to art deco paradise by visiting the Fitzgerald Suite at New York City's Plaza Hotel.

The Fitzgeralds were famously patrons of the iconic New York hotel. According to legend, the duo took a spontaneous nighttime swim in the Pulitzer Fountain outside the posh hotel. F. Scott even set the climatic confrontation scene in his masterpiece The Great Gatsby inside a Plaza room on a hot summer afternoon.

The suite was designed by four-time Oscar-winning costume and production designer Catherine Martin. Martin, who won two of her Academy Awards for 2013's The Great Gatsby, wanted to create, "a suite that F. Scott Fitzgerald and his character Jay Gatsby would be at home in—a dramatic deco space that evokes the danger, the sexiness, the glamor and a certain nostalgia for the hedonistic days of the 1920s, while still encapsulating all the comforts expected at the Plaza."

The result? A romantic oasis peppered with Gatsby-era goodies and soaked with jazz age energy. The chandeliers that sparkle overhead were designed to sound like champagne glasses clinking, bookshelves proudly display the complete works of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, a Gramophone-shaped speaker awaits your iPod, and portraits of the 2013 film's cast taken by famed celebrity photographer Douglas Kirkland adorn the walls.

There are also loads of fun Great Gatsby Easter eggs for guests to find including actual props from the set of the Baz Luhrmann film and linens embroidered with Jay Gatsby's monogram (locked, symbolically, in a daisy motif). Patrons are welcomed to the art deco paradise with a Moët Imperial Gatsby: a champagne cocktail exclusively served at the Plaza. The lucky guests are also given a pair of silver flasks monogrammed with the Plaza's iconic logo.

Take a virtual trip to the Plaza's Fitzgerald Suite now.

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