Queen of the Yard Sales: Lara Spencer Solves Your Decorating Dilemmas with Flea Market Fabulous

Queen of the Yard Sales: Lara Spencer Solves Your Decorating Dilemmas with Flea Market Fabulous
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ChicChi Ubina

It takes a special kind of person who can see a dingy, water-stained basement and think "glamorous game room!" Or pass a destroyed ottoman at a flea market and think "elegant extra seating!"

Lara Spencer is that kind of person.

The Good Morning America anchor and host of HGTV's Flea Market Flip is a positivity personified. She is a whirlwind of creativity who will see busted rattan, chipped paint, and threadbare upholstery and cheer "good bones!" She is a life coach for flea market flotsam—possessed by a personal mission to coax dusty treasures into makeovers, giving them new lives.

Spencer's new book, Flea Market Fabulous: Designing Gorgeous Rooms with Vintage Treasures ($17; amazon.com), is a follow up to her New York Times best seller I Brake for Yard Sales ($18; amazon.com). Armed with a talented team and an endless supply of moxie, she conquers room makeovers that you won't believe.

"Not only can she light up a room metaphorically—changing the mood from greige to kapow—but she can do it literally, too," designer Jonathan Adler writes in Flea Market Fabulous' foreword. "Lara's creativity and her design genius are every bit as powerful as her personal charisma. She has the magical ability to walk into a room and transform the vibe from soggy to glam ... all without spending a billion dollars."

Flea Market Fabulous, which hit bookstores today, is a well of inspiration. It's filled with practical advice from the author-cum-lifelong-bargain-hunter, easy to manage DIYs, practical advice from pros, and before-and-after shots that will make a believer of Spencer's thrift shop miracles.

"Flea markets are indeed fabulous!" Spencer writes. "They are filled with magical and mysterious objects that are just screaming to be brought into our homes to create rooms that make us happy."

Ready to get inspired? Take an exclusive sneak peek into Flea Market Fabulous for some of the dazzling room makeovers that Spencer and her team managed.

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