You Can't Drink These "Cocktails," But They Will Certainly Perk You Up Anyways!

You Can't Drink These "Cocktails," But They Will Certainly Perk You Up Anyways!
Courtesy Photo; Andrew Boyd

If there’s one thing Will Taylor knows, it’s how to brighten up a lackluster home. The interior designer and self proclaimed “gentleman hooked on hue” heads up the blog Bright.Bazaar, which attracts over 400,000 readers monthly (not to mention over 2.5 million Pinterest users).

The bowtie-wearing color addict releases a kaleidoscopic new book today, Bright Bazaar: Embracing Color for Make-You-Smile Style (, $19), which features over 350 photographs from Andrew Boyd from homes across America and the UK.

It’s impossible to not smile paging through the fabulous images Taylor has collected. The book is a hardbound rainbow, bursting with brightness and loveliness on each page.

“Color is highly personal, so it’s the perfect element to help make your house feel like a home.” Taylor writes in the book. “My hope is that the Bright Bazaar book will lead you to discover your perfect palette and inspire you to decorate with those hues at home.”

Bright Bazaar is filled with Taylor’s signature “colour cocktails,” inspirational palettes culled from his gorgeous travel photography. The Lime Divine cocktail, for example, was inspired by two brightly painted folding chairs outside a French café. In a Miami sunroom (pictured above), the zesty colors are rendered in an azure couch and cool, green, Greek key patterned curtains.

As a special sneak peek of Bright Bazaar, Taylor shared some of his “colour cocktails” with InStyle. Read on and get inspired to fearlessly mix color and patterns with Taylor’s Beyoncé-level confidence.


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