Valentine’s Day Beauty Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Valentine’s Day Beauty Based on Your Zodiac Sign

You may think that your affinity for a cat-eye or bold lip boils down to your own personal taste and what complements your features, but your makeup preferences may in fact be written in the stars. We consult our horoscopes for everything from career to love advice, so why not look to your birth chart to lead you to a makeup shade or look that’s out of this world for the most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day?

Whether you’re coupled up or meeting someone new, your zodiac sign can help you choose the right beauty look that will guarantee you flourish on the day of love, where the stakes for romance are at an all-time high.

InStyle turned to Ophira Edut, one-half of The AstroTwins to find out what’s currently written in the stars for all signs. “Valentine’s Day comes in on the wings of a Taurus moon, which is an Earth sign. This means that all signs are going to feel and act slightly out of character.”

What does that mean for your Valentine’s Day beauty? Now is the time to take a risk and try a new shade or product for your plans this Sunday. Read on for the best Valentine’s Day colors and makeup looks for each zodiac sign that are guaranteed to capture hearts.

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