What to Wear to Every Kind of Thanksgiving Dinner

What to Wear to Every Kind of Thanksgiving Dinner

We would argue that Thanksgiving is the best holiday. Seriously. Your primary objective is to eat as much as possible. There's no drama or stress, either, because no gifts. The only pain points would probably be fielding awkward questions (no, not getting married anytime soon, pleasestopasking) and uncomfortable dinner conversations (um yeah, let's just steer clear of politics altogether). But why talk at all when you have so many sides to get through?

Before we count down the days to Turkey Day, there are two things you need to square away: where to eat and what to wear to eat. Lucky for you, we listed five possible Thanksgiving situations, from Friendsgiving to meeting the S.O.'s parents, and pieced together corresponding outfits for each event. Now there's nothing standing in the way between you and your food coma.

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